Electric Motor Manufacturers

An electronic motor parts manufacturer will provide various components that comprise many different types of motors, including rotor castings, stators, and coil winding assemblies. As with complete electric motors, these components may be standard and mass-produced or customized to specific requirements.

For example, a smaller AC motor manufacturer may be called upon to create or modify motors to be used in a one-of-a-kind prototype. Independent electric motor manufacturers may be chosen to create unique motors from an original design or to improve or build upon an existing motor to modify its performance. Small motor manufacturing companies can also provide replacement motors when an off-the-shelf product or part has been discontinued or is otherwise not available from the original equipment manufacturer.

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If you’re looking for a large quantity of motors for a fairly standard application, such as the production of a commercial appliance, then it’s often more economical to source motion control products from a larger motor manufacturer or supplier. 

If you’re looking for a smaller quantity of motors based on a unique design, as well as one-on-one engineering services to help develop a motor and all its parts to specific performance or application requirements, then the capabilities of an independent motor manufacturer may be more relevant to your needs.

Some larger motor manufacturers may provide some options or special parts, but typically these major suppliers will mostly sell standard, off-the-shelf products and components with little customization possibilities.

What Is Inside An Electric Motor?

In general, electric motors contain a stator and rotor, which includes a coil, core, bars, and a permanent magnet or electromagnet, bearings, and gears or belts. These parts are usually contained in some type of frame or housing. The contents of an electric motor can vary based on the type. For example, brushless motors will feature wire brushes, while DC motors will sometimes include a commutator to alter the direction of the current. Some electric motor manufacturers may incorporate specialized parts to achieve certain performance capabilities. 

What Is NEMA Standard For Electric Motors?

The NEMA standard for electric motors is per the National Electronics Manufacturers Association. This association defines the manufacturing standards for producing AC and DC electric motors in North America. These standards are related to may aspects of motor manufacturing, including the frame size dimensions, operational efficiency minimums, and testing procedures. Similar international standards are set forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).  

How Do I Get A Custom Electric Motor?

Custom electric motors can be sourced from electric motor manufacturers that provide motor design and development services. Not all motor manufacturers will provide or maintain the services required to manufacture custom motors. Typically, custom motor manufacturing capabilities are offered by smaller, independent companies with their own design and engineering teams, as well as in-house production facilities. If a custom motor’s design is already determined, there are some motor manufacturers that can produce a motor from those specifics even if they do not offer their own design and engineering services.

What Does An Electric Motor Manufacturer Do?

An electric motor manufacturer will produce motors in either large quantities to satisfy commercial or mass-market demands or to meet more specific needs by providing more specialized or custom products, usually in small quantities or for prototyping purposes. Motor manufacturers may source the components used in the motor assembly or they may create them in-house. For example, a custom electric motor manufacturer may create their own rotor and stator assemblies for incorporation into a custom motor.